The purpose of UCMN is 1) to elevate the excellence of change management professionals across Utah, USA, and 2) to provide organizations a hub of change management expertise they can engage for consulting services. As professionals build change management capabilities, they

  • Improve the success of organizational initiatives
  • Reduce the time to achieve the stated objectives of organizational initiatives
  • Reduce the costs to achieve the stated objectives of organizational initiatives
  • Create greater organizational “stickiness” and buy-in to organizational initiatives.


As a change management program manager in Utah, I was looking for local opportunities to consult with other professionals who are passionate about organizational change management. What I found, though, was very limited. Few career positions listed in Utah job searches were specifically related to change management, and no organizations seemed to clearly market themselves as change management experts or resources. Seeing the gap, I decided to pursue it on my own.


UCMN will achieve its purpose by creating awareness of its benefits and services, building commitment to the practice of change management, and providing practical, high-value training and consulting to build the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.


UCMN’s values distinguish it from other organizations. We are

  • Methodology-agnostic: While we recognize the value of various industry models and frameworks, we believe the best approach is simply to find the practices that work best. We believe that solid change management practices are scattered among us, and welcome openness and free-flow exchange of information.
  • Methodology-benders: While we may embrace general frameworks for our work, we recognize that specific projects will require specific tools, which may be gathered from multiple sources (respecting copyright and privacy laws).
  • Stractical: We value change management approaches that are both strategic and tactical, or “stractical.” We believe that solid strategic plans without strong execution are only dreams, and that strong execution without solid strategic plans is wasteful.

About Me

I’m Scott Anderson. I am the Change Management Program Manager for an IT department, and am certified in the Prosci Change Management process. My unique approach to the discipline of change management reflects my educational and professional background. I have a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, where I focused on persuasion and social influence. Prior to my PhD studies, I worked as a licensed clinical social worker, helping people apply principles of psychology to overcome obstacles and achieve their personal potential. The common thread in my professional and academic passions has been to bring about real change– enabling others to elevate themselves to achieve their greatest potential–through the power of thoughtful communication.


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